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Golden Thanks Tree

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30th November

There’s a lot of commercialism around Thanksgiving these days. Would you like your very own set of turkey dinnerware? How about a giant cornucopia for the hall entry table? Really? I’m going to say this for your marriage: Where are you going to put that shit after today?

Still, it’s fun to dress up the holiday. It’s fun to … Read More »

Getting Juiced, Sans Steroids

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1st August

Drinking fresh, cold-pressed juice from fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass is one of my favorite things in the world. Seriously. Ask anyone who’s accompanied me to a Jamba Juice and they’ll basically tell you that my reaction upon walking in is chemically similar to a crack addict who just scored a hit. I love it THAT MUCH. But juicing … Read More »

With a Side of Toxins

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3rd July

Recently, I went to the mall  to pick up some face cream. After the very knowledgeable sales associate helped me find what I was looking for (a certain creme that won’t make my skin angry, won’t give me cancer and will beat back wrinkles like an angry possum protecting her babies) I was just about to leave with … Read More »

Baby, Don’t Cry

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8th June

Awhile back, a few of the women I know from my son’s pre-school met up for dinner and an informal baby shower for one of them who is expecting her 2nd child soon. I had this great idea a couple weeks earlier that as my gift to this fellow mom I would buy her a couple of things … Read More »

Hemingway’s Eyes

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30th May

It all started when my kids would run over and shove some small toy or school paper in my face saying, Mom, look at this! I’d grab their hand and move it away from eyes so I could see it. “Cause, you know, it’s the kid holding it too close. Right? Nobody can focus on something that close … Read More »