About The Humble Haus

Hi. My name is Penny René Russell Janiak and this is my little slot on the internet.

I’m an Oklahoma girl who married a Jersey man and moved from southern California to New Jersey to become everything I ever feared. Meaning, I’m a stay at home mom of two children and a puppy, and the wife of a guy who commutes each day into NYC.

But just so you know, that’s not my schtick. My uber cool thing that should get me some attention, or at least some sympathy is that we live in a 1275 square foot, two bedroom house that was built around 1875. We live in one of the highest property taxed places in the country! Yay us! The numbers don’t lie. There is some serious efficiency and organizational action going on in my brain. I have yet to take a sledge hammer to the walls or set fire to the furniture. But it may have crossed my mind.

The good news is, I love a good deal.

I love making smart choices and finding ways to make life better. Most of all, I love writing about it and sharing forhealthylives.com/product/soma/ what I know and learned with you. That’s why I started this blog called the Humble Haus. Here you will find the most bull-fee product reviews, how to make it look good and work tips and even some friendly relationship advice.

If we lived in the same neighborhood, you could come over and have a cup of coffee (or a stiff cocktail) and I would tell you that instead of buying new earrings at Old Navy, you should raid your grandmother’s costume jewelry. I would look you in the eye and say, “Put the gourmet cookbook down; you don’t deserve that kind of torture.” I would explain the reason you need to buy Craftsman Tools instead of that pink set you saw in line at the grocery store. I would do those things while serving you a low-fat, organic scone that is so nice, it blows your mind. Because that’s the kind of person I am.

Don’t let the bad grammar, mistyped words and lack of ivy league punctuation fool you; writing whatever pops into my brain is harder than it looks.