Random Tuesday

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Random Tuesday

There is a post coming about the new house, I promise. Don’t look at me like that. It’s hard moving. Like, really hard. It’s also hard re-sizing the countless photos I’ve taken since Mail changed their share format.I may like to blog, but I am the worlds laziest web designer. But you don’t want to hear about that anymore than I want to talk about it.

It’s TUESDAY! I know, right? Nothing ever happens on Tuesday. Tuesday, the forgotten sister between Monday and Wednesday. The underdog. But I like underdogs, so…  I thought I’d share a smattering of random things I’ve been looking at lately that I enjoyed. Some new, some tried and true.  If anything, it’s a nice distraction for you while I work on those other photos.

Yesterday I bought my kids some candy. That’s not something I do. Candy is crap and we all know it. I often worry my kids are going to start talking about me with their friends as if I my unwillingness to buy them a bag of M&Ms is my secret abuse. But last year at the Life Is Good Festival, we found Unreal Candy. It’s basically the only candy I can give my kids without feeling like I’m feeding them toxins. I mean, even Giselle says so. Giselle and me; we’re like T  H   I   S.


I honestly don’t remember if it was Mother’s Day or my birthday that Mike bought me this beautiful Reindeer Moss Terrarium ring. I love rings. I love nature. This is like having a little plant with me wherever I go. And it’s casual too, so it goes with my daily, um, I’m-On-My-Way-To-Pick-Up-The-Kids wardrobe.

Moss ring



I finally finished watching the final season of Ugly Betty. I’m sure I was not the only person who kept thinking how pretty Amercia Ferrera is. But what choked me up was the phone call she made when she took the job in London. That terrifying and exciting moment when you leap into the unknown!!!! Ah, I know it well.  Anyway, after finishing Ugly Betty, I strolled around the net and found this:

After watching that clip, I will not only hunt down this film, I now have a plan for the end of the world.


See these little guys?


His kind is named after the Miwok Indians who used to live where I live now. I kid you not. George Lucas took the name Ewok from Miwok and before I even knew this, I was at Miwok park with my kids thinking “Miwok. Huh. I could totally see Ewoks living here.” Case in point – this photo I took at Miwok park on Sunday.



Lastly, I have to tell you about this bizarre moment I had last week while picking up my kid from school. While taking a visual inventory of what moms are wearing in Marin County, I noticed that last year when stripes were all over the racks, these mommies ate it up. I counted no less than 14 women sporting a sailor/prisoner ensembles. And while I admit to having enjoyed a stripe or two in my own closet, it made me think about the sheep fashion mentality that is forced on those of us with a modest fashion budget. I mean, Old Navy, what are you trying to do to us? Control the population growth my making us all look like over-grown toddlers? Faded stretch knit, anyone? My friend, Dana has had it with the chevron print and even though I haven’t even yet worn my glorious black and white chevron dress, I am with her on this. I refuse to bow down. I may have to visit the thrift store. I might even have to take up sewing. But until then, I am going to have to Etsy my way through the fall season, because I cannot let myself look back on photos of these years, unable to distinguish my shirt from the hall carpet.

Lastly, I just want to say something about that debacle some of you watched on Sunday, thinking…well, you weren’t thinking it was going to be music, were you? I mean, I’m happy that all the ‘N Sync boys are getting some exercise, but I understand there was some confusion about Miley Cyrus and bears and pedophile. This is not new. If you are over 30, you know that. I have always said that in order to be seriously famous for more than 15 minutes, you have to be at least a little crazy. Being famous messes with your head, your sense of who you are and, obviously, your moral compass. That’s the way it is, folks. So, “shocking” is not a word that applies here. Predictable is. Sad, maybe. And also Temporary. Yes, this too, shall pass. One day she will wake up and be Evita.