Hemingway’s Eyes

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Hemingway’s Eyes

It all started when my kids would run over and shove some small toy or school paper in my face saying, Mom, look at this! I’d grab their hand and move it away from eyes so I could see it. “Cause, you know, it’s the kid holding it too close. Right? Nobody can focus on something that close to their face! RIGHT?

Then I’m complaining that my eyes burn at night when I’m trolling the internet. I need to drink more water! I’m not getting enough rest? Allergies?

Finally, I’m reading a book one day and as I’m gauging the best reading distance from eye to page, I remember my mother, about 25 years earlier,  pushing back a paper I have handed her so she could read it without her glasses on. Well, shit.

Let’s be honest here. The coolest glasses out there are still GLASSES. It still means that my body is getting tired. As the mother of two small children and a very long list of future plans, I ma not OK with that. My eyes, they are SPESHEL! SPESHEL, I say, for severe emphasis. My eyes do not need to be framed; they stand alone. Until now.

Thankfully, my eye doctor said my far sightedness isn’t that bad. So I got reading glasses…one year later.

If you are one of those lucky people who live under the illusion that your vision will always be 20/20, you can kiss my bitter arse bookmark this page for another time.  But if you think you might need some help in the vision department, I want to tell you about the up side of shopping for eyeglasses. There are so many styles available now, it’s sort of like shopping for a purse. When you find one that fits and looks good on you, it feels perfect. It’s a functional fashion statement. My glasses say, “I am serious and stylish. I get shit done.”  The frames for my SPECIAL EYES were these from the Hemingway Collection. If they were trying to make me feel smart and earthy with that gimmick, it worked.


Hemingway Glasses