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Getting Juiced, Sans Steroids

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1st August

Drinking fresh, cold-pressed juice from fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass is one of my favorite things in the world. Seriously. Ask anyone who’s accompanied me to a Jamba Juice and they’ll basically tell you that my reaction upon walking in is chemically similar to a crack addict who just scored a hit. I love it THAT MUCH. But juicing … Read More »

Honey Do List

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30th July

This is me holding part (yes, this is just one part) of a scrap-booking kit my sister sent me. It’s called 365 and the idea is – you guessed it – to take a photo a day for the entire year of 2010. The designer kit is supposed to take the guesswork out of the process. But, me, … Read More »

I Packed It

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12th July

I’ve been packing boxes to move for over a month. Or maybe three months. It seems like longer. I’ve been packing and packing.

Where is the coffee bean grinder? Packed! Where are my red flats? Packed! Where’s the copy paper? Packed! The green Angry Bird pig? Packed! That’s kind of how it is around here. I’m not so popular … Read More »

The Scheduled Snuggle: Book Time

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3rd July

I have been told, and sadly believe it to be true, that there will come a time when my kids no longer will let me nuzzle them at every turn. They are 4 and 7, so right now, it’s not much an issue, but damn it, I know they will grow up. They swear they won’t, but they will. So, we read to our kids most every night… Read More »

Subtitles: You May Like Them

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18th June

Several years ago I was insulted on live radio by BBC Radio host Allan Beswick . I was living in Manchester at the time and had won tickets to see  Alfie, the Musical. The followng morning I was interviewed on the air in the studio and told to give my opinion of the show. Unfortunately I found the story … Read More »

Baby, Don’t Cry

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8th June

Awhile back, a few of the women I know from my son’s pre-school met up for dinner and an informal baby shower for one of them who is expecting her 2nd child soon. I had this great idea a couple weeks earlier that as my gift to this fellow mom I would buy her a couple of things … Read More »