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Parenting, Lesson One

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6th August

Parenting, for me, is the ultimate test of endurance. It’s not about the endless food prep or the laundry or even the sad and sudden exit from the world of fashion that happened to me the moment I went into labour that rainy March day in 2006. The real kicker about being a parent is the unavoidable, mind-numbing conversations and tasks I must now participate in every day.

Golden Thanks Tree

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30th November

There’s a lot of commercialism around Thanksgiving these days. Would you like your very own set of turkey dinnerware? How about a giant cornucopia for the hall entry table? Really? I’m going to say this for your marriage: Where are you going to put that shit after today?

Still, it’s fun to dress up the holiday. It’s fun to … Read More »

Happy Birthday to the Dog

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22nd October

Where I’m from, most of the dogs didn’t get birthday presents. And if you had asked me about this nonsense 20 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes right off my head, across the floor into the fireplace. But here I am, 42, singing Happy Birthday to my dog, candle lit, birthday cookies on a platter and … Read More »

The Scheduled Snuggle: Book Time

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3rd July

I have been told, and sadly believe it to be true, that there will come a time when my kids no longer will let me nuzzle them at every turn. They are 4 and 7, so right now, it’s not much an issue, but damn it, I know they will grow up. They swear they won’t, but they will. So, we read to our kids most every night… Read More »

Baby, Don’t Cry

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8th June

Awhile back, a few of the women I know from my son’s pre-school met up for dinner and an informal baby shower for one of them who is expecting her 2nd child soon. I had this great idea a couple weeks earlier that as my gift to this fellow mom I would buy her a couple of things … Read More »