The Scheduled Snuggle: Book Time

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The Scheduled Snuggle: Book Time

I have been told, and sadly believe it to be true, that there will come a time when my kids no longer will let me nuzzle them at every turn. They are 4 and  7, so right now, it’s not much an issue, but damn it, I know they will grow up. They swear they won’t, but they will.

So, we read to our kids most every night.

They crawl into my lap, or curl up under the covers and, after much arguing about whose book should be first, we read. Those rare nights that we don’t crack open a book are usually due to a late family gathering or an impromptu game of charades or a game we call “Introducing”, which is a whole post to be written at a later date. While their imaginations dance through the stories and they giggle at the strange cast of characters we find thru Scholastic book orders or our local library, I snuggle the crap out of those kids. If they are still long enough, I smell their little heads and hold their impossibly cute little hands. And they fart on me. And we laugh.

As you can guess, some books work better than others at holding their attention, or mine. We have a LOT of books. It’s a library, that when one shelf is spilled on the floor for re-decorating, looks like this.

Within that pile, there are lots of good books. Here’s the first of growing list of ones we really love and I would buy for a friend’s library, if given the chance.

The Alphabet Parade by Michael Farmer – My sister gave me this book from her oldest son’s collection. It’s a great first book as there are no words, only endless discussion about letters. Unfortunately, original copies are really hard to come by but reproductions can be found in small batches. This one had to be on the list for it’s ability to hold my attention as well as the kids, and for it’s great illustrations by the legendary designer Seymour Chwast.

Ten In the Bed by Penny Dale – Great for when they are super young and older. Asher laughed at my sound effects to this book when he was months old and STILL loves it.

Too Many Toys by David Shannon – It’s the art that captivates the kids, but the message is well said and very giggly.

Moostache by Margie Palatini and Henry Cole – I probably like this book more than the kids because of the way it rolls off my tongue while I read it aloud. Why I always hear Joan Cusak’s voice as I read it is a mystery, but she would be awesome reading this.

How To Be a Baby by Me, the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap – If you have or will have more than one kid, THIS is the book to buy. The first time I read it with my kids, I burst into tears, so have a look beforehand. I cried because… well, geez. As my daughter often says, being a big sister is hard. This book admits that, but also brings to life the priceless moments of being an older sibling, all explained by the character of a little girl.

What are your favorite books to read to your kids? How about your favorites when you were a we one? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Alice

    Riley and my favorite book is I LoveYou, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt. Check it out. BTW love you and miss you all.

    • The Humble Haus

      We have that one too, and we love you right back!

  • Laurie Black Steunebrink

    We have a lot of old Sesame Street and Disney books that I love reading but my favorite is Where The Wild Things Are.

    • The Humble Haus

      That’s one of our favorites too!