I Packed It

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I Packed It

I’ve been packing boxes to move for over a month. Or maybe three months. It seems like longer. I’ve been packing and packing.

Where is the coffee bean grinder? Packed! Where are my red flats? Packed! Where’s the copy paper? Packed! The green Angry Bird pig? Packed! That’s kind of how it is around here. I’m not so popular right now because I am cranky, bones aching from corralling around every little LEGO into a huge ziplock bag. And I am the person who packed the toys. Let this be a warning to all you potential re-locaters: Each parent should pack an equal amount of toys let you bear the wrath of the children who do not see their backyard as the glorious wonderland of potential fun as you do.


As many of my friends are aware, I have moved a lot. Like tons. I know how to pack plates and books. I know where the bubble wrap ends. But this is something new. I have never moved an entire house this far with a husband , a dog, and KIDS. This is the Olympics of Moving and I have to give a shout out to my sister, Alice as well as my friend Angela who have both done this numerous times due to their husbands careers. Girls.. I just…well, I’m not worthy.

Of course, I turned to the Internet for sage advice on this task. I needed a plan and I needed labels. Lots of labels. Turns out, that Martha Stewart knows something about this. Of all the plans and advice that I saw, hers was the most complete. While I can’t imagine that anyone can follow her advice completely, (Pack one room at a time? Right…) I do think her system is making this grunt work less stressful than it might have been. This is coming from the woman who found five stray marbles yesterday and threw them into a random box from ten feet away.

The hardest items to pack so far have been my grandmothers china. My strategy in the past has been to have my mother come over and do it. No such luck this time. So, I called her on the phone and complained while I did it myself.


Thankfully we have a relocation budget for some moving supplies. So we bought plenty of boxes from U-Haul, where they also have The Most Overpriced Packing Paper known to man. Had I known this before I would have stolen other people’s papers on recycling day. Those newspapers will never go out of print if we just boycott packing paper.

So, this is what’s going on over at Humble Haus. We are hoping to wrap things up completely by Monday. (See what I did there?) Then there will be some cleaning and probably a few tears before we impose on my in-laws for a while. Ma Lynn and Pops! It will be just like old times, only now we have two kids and a dog!

And before we hit the road, we probably need to have the car checked and stock up on Xanax. Ha! At this moment, we are cautiously optimistic about this coast to coast trek. I am stockpiling games, activities and snacks. When all else fails, I plan to move the dog to the front, which should provide another 20 minutes of entertainment before we pull over and curse like hardened criminals. Any advice for this, um, bonding experience we are about to tackle?



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    I’m excited for you and your family! Enjoy the journey – and I know it will be difficult and you will be tired (from what it sounds like), but once you start, turn that key and drive, you’ll be on your way to an adventure! can’t wait to hear how it’s going!