Red Riding with A Hood

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Red Riding with A Hood

I lived in New Jersey for almost six years before I FINALLY bought a coat that keeps me warm enough in the winter. I have fond memories of all the coats I purchased before the Grand Poobah of Coats.

There was the Chinese Faux Burberry coat that I got from Ebay. Would have looked great were it not for the very tiny sleeves and empire waist belt.

The Newport News subtly golden tweed full length dress coat that gave off school marm airs.

The plaid fuzzy hooded number from Swell that was a gift from my mother-in-law. It was on my wish list, so don’t blame her.

Lastly, the green monster coat from O’Neil. Part surfer cutie, part Goddammitmyassiscoldandicantbreathe.

Anyway, in 2012 I was determined to not face another miserable winter unarmed. I knew when I saw this, it was the coat for me.



I am snug! I can move! It’s not black! The hood fits! Oh, Old Man Winter, you tease!

  • Clairespo

    Yes!! YESSSSS!!! I have always faced the challenge of trying to find a coat with the perfect blend of warmth and style … you know, like the movie heroine who trots around in the (always gently falling) NYC snow in the perfect mix of cozy and chic … where is THAT coat?? I have been both stylish (but frozen!!) and have been warm and cozy (but resembled the Michelin Man) – and damn you, Puffer Coat, for fooling me into thinking an attached belt would create a slimming effect when, in fact, it created an alien-like bulge and lampshade shape! I too found an agreeable (close but not perfect) winter coat for 2012 and beyond – a clearance Marc Jacobs number with just the right amount of down (Bluefly reviewers find this important) and the belt DOES cinch nicely … Of course, our winters are now getting warmer and the down does me no good in temps over forty but hell! A conquest is a conquest and Matawan winters beware, I’m prepared!!! ;)