Honey Do List

Posted on July 30th, by The Humble Haus in Products. 2 comments

Honey Do List

This is me holding part (yes, this is just one part) of a scrap-booking kit my sister sent me. It’s called 365 and the idea is – you guessed it – to take a photo a day for the entire year of 2010. The designer kit is supposed to take the guesswork out of the process. But, me, I like to take simple things and make them complicated. So, there I was Sunday making Mike use his professional designer eyes to put the cards in their slots.

The scrapbook is just one of many projects I’m taking on this year. I figure I am bound to finish two out of the dozen or so I have mulling around in my head. In my “spare” time I plan to rebuild the US economy. Hey, why not?

  • Ali

    Don’t worry sis, I never did my scrapbook either and I have bought 2 more kits since then! I don’t know what I was thinking!

    • http://www.thehumblehaus.com/ The Humble Haus

      Sooner or later, well do it. I’m thinking later. :)